bedscene is the Miami-based project of American songwriter-producer Nick Aponte. An evolving creative unbound by genre, Aponte broke ground as an emerging songwriter writing songs for film and advertisement. Defined by his influence of bedroom pop, new wave, and psychedelic rock, bedscene expresses a sincere interpretation of dreamy and evocative reveries.

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Single Release “It Feels Better” (2021)

The summery fun vibes operate at the perfect service of the lyrics, as they have an almost innocent Springsteen-like working-class hero ethos about them, the song praises the hard work and optimism it takes to be an artist hustling hard to “make it”. It’s not all self-congratulatory, however, as the song really comes from a genuine expression of sentiments based on actual experience, and the lyrics are of course open-ended enough so that it is easy to relate to that joyful celebration of struggle and sacrifice. In their own words “It Feels better is “‘about working hard to overcome the obstacles of life while focusing on the things that make you happy.” -Samuel Aponte of Rival Magazine

Single Release “American Dream” & Collaborations (2020)

Loneborn “Loosen Up” (Bed Scene Remix) (2020)

Single Release “Scorpion” (2020)

Single Release “Vile” (2019)

In the latter part of 2019, Bed Scene released the single, “Vile”, a dark melodic, synth-infused number that draws comparison to 80s new wave and post-punk.

Sophomore EP “Dulcinea” (2019)

2019 marked a slight change in tone for Bed Scene’s more introspective, second release, “Dulcinea”. The sophomore album explores retro influences, taking inspiration from the sounds of early 80s Spanish ballads and lo-fi pop. Soon after the release of Dulcinea, Aponte recruited band members Danny Portal, Andrew Burt, and Michelle Reinkopf as a part of Bed Scene’s performing lineup.

Debut EP “Bed Scene” (2018)

In January 2018, Bed Scene released their self-titled debut album and garnered overnight recognition with the song “Easy on the Eyes” featured on an official Spotify playlist, “Fresh Finds”.

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